31 October 2014

"It's Saturday and I'm washing my Hair"

Feel like a brand new person today, I do.  Want to know why?

During this time of year I'm hyper concerned about keeping my hair, skin and nails looking and feeling right.  Thanks to the wind and dry air, moisture is depleted at a overwhelming rate.  So how does one keep their body PH balance in check?  Lotion helps when applied after bathing and applied frequently throughout the day to clean hands.

The reason I'm posting this 'Queen of all obvious solutions' today is simply because I've thought about visiting a tanning salon.  I'm not interested in feeling grey and needing to apply filters to every selfie I snap....so why not try to look the part on and off camera?

Coming to a conclusion about folks who overuse the tanning salon isn't a mockery I'm interested in pointing out.  Instead I'm interested in the pretty bottles of lotion.  That got me to thinking...can I make something similar from scratch?

Here's what I did. Obsessed with the Victoria Secret's and Body Works fragrances I bought one along with a bottle of Dark tanning oil and some plain Vaseline brand lotion.  Found an empty product bottle at home small enough to carry in a backpack and a hand pump from a bottle of antibacterial soap.  Next step was simple squeeze equal parts of lotion and a part tanning oil into the container.  Shake vigorously.   Since the new lotion didn't completely mix as planned after shaking I dumped it into a larger container and plugged in the electric beater from the kitchen.  Yepee! After about 90 seconds the combination of oil and lotions turned into something more like what I was aiming for.

First I'm soaking myself by visiting the 'Rec' center to do some laps.  Next the tanning bed and lastly, over to the gym for a 20 minute sweat out in the sauna.  Before bed I believe a pedicure is in order.