04 December 2014

Food Stand

Step lightly and enjoy a piece of your mind.

Failed to treat my body like a temple for too long while you prayed with yours.  Who am I?

Simple steps and follow thru beside me I'll never be tall, thin, fair, or strong enough so I flake out. Where am I?

What am I? It consumes me and controls my mistaken steps.

 We need to talk about being welcome, receiving and reapplying. How do I do?

 A look that suits you that has been surrendered.  Recovery takes more than you've put forward.  When did I...?

Your illness prone self wasn't taken seriously-rather mocked, paraded & addressed indirectly-only creating patterns and not diagnosed entirely leaving us and you stranded.  Let us in.

20 November 2014

Social lite

Accommodating a smoker gets complicated.  
Some places have already banned the use of tobacco and the sale of tobacco products.  Others are encourage to support the effort.  

Always has [time] for this

New anti tobacco campaigns have homes and workplaces divided.  The movement starts as someone decides to initiate workplace changes.  Who's smoking, how it affects workflow, what the overall impact is.

The lingering odor seems to suddenly be amplified.  All tobacco users are isolated and discussed.  The truth of the matter is a creature of habit isn't able to quickly change direction.

No matter how ugly, smelly or isolating the habit is, it still is a struggle to compensate for.  No matter how the nature of an environment is manipulated, the fact remains.  Tobacco products have addicts of all ages, every ethnicity,  every stage of fitness, healthy and unhealthy users alike.

11 November 2014

It's Back! #WCW

Workout goals.  Accessories. Fab outfits. Great photo ops.  Hair and Makeup.  Obnoxious shoes and a handsome guy to complete the look.

Post by The Ugly Sweater Run.

01 November 2014

Slightly Different routine

I don't know what kind of routine this is but I'm glad I got to the rec center this morning before noon. 

Taking a look around I grabbed a basketball, jump rope and checked unanswered messages. 

Unsure of what exactly I was going to count as actual exercise I set the activity on my fitness tracker to Gymnastics.  With sets at 60 second intervals I was able to begin jumping rope. 

Next the increment was increased to 5 minutes.  With basketball in hand I began dribbling while jogging. 

No one wants to sit looking all inactive on the ball court.  As recommended by the Doctor, I did a series of deep stretching followed by more jogging around the perimeter of the court while dribbling the ball.

Overall the activity lasted about 40 minutes.